6 Steps of Creativity--and the Stress that Comes with Them (BTS)

Rather than write a blog today, I thought I would share an article I wrote for the Friday Standard Examiner. I am a member of the Ogden City Arts Advisory Committee. The OCAAC is a group of local artists and Ogden residents appointed to the committee to focus on the arts and artists in our city. We are liaisons between artists and the city government and strive to promote and more beautiful city.

Each week, a member of the OCAAC writes an article about artistic happenings in the city.  From what’s coming during the next First Friday Art Stroll, to available artist grants, and even personal experiences, the blog is designed to keep the community engaged.

This week was my turn at the keyboard. I submitted an article entitled, 6 Steps of Creativity—and the Stresses That Come with Them. The article is a humors peek behind the curtain of the artistic process, which I think most creatives can identify with.

From the excitement of the proposal, to the crushing eleventh hour self-doubt, I expose my own artistic torment and process.

Without further adieu, here is my article in this week’s Ogden Standard Examiner “GO” Section.


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