Fur Tutorial: Turning Fur Tails Inside Out

This tutorial is designed to quickly turn a tail you have already sewn inside out. Sometimes this can be a major pain and a long and frustrating process. 

1. I Have sewn an piece of fur 18" long and 2.75" wide together using a Blanket Stitch. You can see the fabric has become a tightly packed tube. Not the easiest project to turn inside out. 

2. I located a 3/4" dowel with a knob mounted on the end. I placed the dowel into the fur tube. 

3. Next, I located a piece of PVC that suited my needs. A 3/4" piece of scrap PVC Did the trick. 

4. As you can see, I rounded off the harsh edges of the PVC on the inside and outside to let the fabric slide across it more easily. 

5. Basically I am going to push the fabric into this 3/4" piece of PVC. The wooden dowel helps serve as a guide. 

6. I leave about 2" of the fabric hanging out of the PVC. 

7. I curled the edges of the fur and pulled it down over the PVC. Getting it started was a bit of a pain, but once its in place your are golden. 

8. Once I have curled the edge over the PVC, I remove the dowel rod. Don't need that any more. 

9. I wrap my hands around the fur and forcefully pull the down. It will slide down the PVC. 

10. Once you reach the end of the tail, you merely slide the fur off the PVC and press on. Close the end with a Henson Stitch and you are set. 

It literally took 60 seconds to turn the fur inside-out using this method. The other way, doing by hand, I gave up after 30 minutes. Never again.  

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